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What, should there be an increase today? More Smiles!


Today was quite enjoyable; it was a day that I felt that although I had so much to be thankful for, I remain a bit melancholy. Yes, I did. You may dwell on all kinds of thoughts in your head, and of course, some readers may even say maybe its aspects of depression but Nah.

Its aspects of not trying to think beyond the next ten days, yes correct. You see, before March, I felt like everything was even game. I could plan the next six months and have a better idea of what the long term may look like, but now you feel like you are more in a daze. You attend meetings with the office you hear of brighter day’s prospect. However, you still see deployment as the core of how business is running.

Thankful not furlough, but yet very on edge have you know your fate is locked in the month-end metric of business performance more so than ever. When will life resume?

Some say the next twenty-four months, and others say sixty. Whichever way, the correct answer will be some time. It is real people, and it’s like something we wish we would wake up from very soon. However, despite this all, we are not hospitalized and very much alive. Welcome to the COVID 19 era.

Thank you to all the persons who are completing the supply chain to feed us daily. Thank you for the healthcare team that stands with us when we are not able to do so. Thank you for the great teachers, leaders, spiritual ambassador, and all the beautiful hand of hopes and smiles, we need that. Tell me about your smile today?


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