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Yes!!! It’s Okay to tell the World, No Shame.

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We’re not emotionally wired the same way!

Why do you think I need to feel emotions the same way you do? It’s very interesting when we begin to acknowledge what causes us emotional pain, we are often told or coach in how we should respond but there are no templates.

Seriously? Yes!! This is more factual if you grew in a culture who believes that what happens to you is something that you should just quickly forget or accept then suppress since it’s only “rejection”, “cheating”, “adultery”, “its men”, “its women” etc. Additionally, you are told the amount of information you share will not the best way to be viewed.

I am sure this is something that is experienced by some of us especially a handful of professional women and men who believes that sharing vulnerability encompass a sign of weakness. We can go back and forth and debate women’s liberation, the Western world today etc etc and add that things are not necessarily so.

However, while we have come a long way there are a few us that will still have those experiences. Let’s Talk!I can say given my journey “to tell” this is something that strengthens me beyond measure. I talked to anyone sane that would listen, just share your emotions people. There is no textbook that can teach or treat your individual pain, this is something that requires you to dig within and utilize resources that may be formal and informal to provide you with the best answers. I spent over 18 years in a relationship that I would give a kidney for, but the feelings were not the same ironically. While I was busy making house he was playing house with someone else.

We are all not perfect, however, we all will need to decide when we wish to grow up. Sometimes, unfortunately, some of us don’t. The way each of us feels as we go through different journeys in our life should never be dictated by cultural norms or feelings, especially the victim feeling victimized. My brother Rich shared if you play games you will eventually know the score because there are always losers and winners.

You will only win in the game of life if you remain authentic, honest to others but more so very you’re true to oneself.

You are never defeated if someone does not know the full value of what you bring to the table.

You are never defeated if someone does not know the full value of what you bring to the table. I spoke to my good friend “TN” from Chicago, who just experienced a divorced after keep forgiving, counselling and trying 24 months total. I found out this week. Why? She felt ashamed to discuss, instead, she hibernated and medicated. When we finally spoke about it this week she acknowledged the more she talked the better she is healing. Let’s Talk people, share with me on how silenced helped?


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