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I have heard it all before and been there done that and have the T-shirt to show. Sensitive!!                 LOL, the lights just came on, and this is my observation with that topic, its heavy laden with hypocrisy. Yes, I said it, no typo. Hypocrisy, since there was a time in my life when someone would say, “I think you are too sensitive,” I would be hot. Not literal, but take an offense to that statement.  I thought this person lacked empathy and did not understand what I was feeling. 

Now I have grown, yes, a few months of fast sprouting. I realize that it was because they were so distracted in another emotional situation that it is a blind side not allowing them to see or even experience what I was feeling.  

Now fast forward, you are not stupid; you are fully aware when someone would do anything to make you happy. You hear the speech, and you see the actions, etc. Yet your response to this new individual is so casual and very careful because you are so distracted.  

Now, this is where you serve a taste of the awful emotional medicine you experienced. You start, you have all right to make this assessment. Guess what that the result is? It is the same; why are they so sensitive?  Yup.  

You even work up the nerve to ask it, and you know why in your head and heart, the hypocrisy.  You are busy with whatever else is going on in your life that is taking most of your attention.  This person is not picking up any sort of empathy or just plain reciprocity. It is truth, distraction, and more distraction. So before you make your selfish, non-evaluated statements, listen because often we can fix it with a dose of honesty.    What did you say?  


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