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The Blame Game


You are the one that said that.  

I believe the way you are acting contradicts what you said earlier. 

 It is not my fault why things are this way; maybe if you did it this way, then the results would be…. What? Different? How often do these conversations occur? 

We are continually pushing our points across because we believe by all means that we are in the right. I am sure you will ask if I am not right, are you saying I am wrong. It will never be answered correctly, I am saying by the disputing parties.  Certainly not how both parties were disagreeing are seeing it at the time; clarity comes with a third objective person listening and act as the adjudicator. 

We all need this third person in the blame game. We believe we have all the answers often, but this may not necessarily be so in the blame game. We are humans entrap with deep emotions that sometimes cloud our vision. We should take a step back to focus on reflection, and it is often the only way we can reach an objective decision.   What’s your accountability today? 


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