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What do Grandma and Grandpa want to eat?


I am a romantic, I do believe with ever being I am. Despite all my journey and trials, I still believe in a love that will last for a long time. I am sure many of us will have our perspective on what love is and what defines a long-lasting relationship; however, that is not what I want to share. The topic is extensive; the real interest here is what do each of us seeks in a long term relationship.  

My aunt, whom I considered to be one of the ultimate positive humans, has shared many beautiful stories with me over the years; this is one of those stories that was coined with her in mind. Recently, I struggle with my aunt and I relationship because when I speak to her on my relationship status, the silence was deafening.  I thought I knew her very well then my friend came to spend some time in January and wow.   

My aunt opens up even more, yes, she shared why she stopped pursuing a relationship after her and her husband separated. My aunt is grown, will not share age, but retirement is to happen shortly, and I have wondered if she is not lonely. This beautiful woman that has so much to share, but wonder why she is not seeking a partner. 

It was strange, but her reasons were for her, who am I to judge? It gave me a renewed perspective for sure of the love and relationship that I seek, one that will last me until I am centurion and beyond.  I want love of all the grandparents I have met and what I have seen that are still together. The best example was an older couple that was a close family friend; when you ask what they want to eat, they ask you what the other wanted. 

This was remarkable; what is grandma eating? What is grandfather eating? They often want to ensure they share a similar meal. They finish each other sentences. They held on to each other hands despite the challenges of life; they never left each other alone.   That is the story I want to tell of love, perseverance, hope, and compromise for the greater whole. Not like my aunt and a few others that I know when life changes, then the ability to share your life becomes a fear. What are the changes you are will make for timeless companionship? 


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