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That Bald Head Man


The term “bald head” and the visual you create in your head is all what it is, its a man that shaves all the hair off his head. Whatever the reason, it said that it removes the vision of aging. It is something that I heard very often when I entered the world of business, “that bald head man.” Yes, the world of business. Because that was the description of the boss for many, this was my first meeting of my employer. It was the infancy stage of the world of work, don’t try to calculate my age, just think I was very green.

It was the man that taught me business like no one else did at the time. I was told not to “shit where I eat and do not eat where I shit.”  This entire passion statement from him resonated with me for years. You see, the business we operated at the time was where I could get consumed based on perception and not allow to grow to my full potential. That was something that I knew I had to take seriously to survive.

I pay great homage to this man who later became more than a boss. He is one of my mentors, closest to a father and a great advisor. Each major life decision he was always very open with me and direct to the point where I felt like if I did not take some of the feedback, then it would not work. The truth is, I will confess most of what he does say come true, yes it does.

You see, there are many people that you will meet in life that will give you reliable feedback on experience even if they do not live all the values. Let me say, don’t judge, remain open; don’t be confused either, go with the ride because they are often spot on they are our guardians.

Two of my many significant decisions involved relocations international. When asked for feedback, he was very positive, candid, and excited on the first. The second, very apprehensive, and I kept remembering him, asking, “are you sure”?  A pep talk then reminded me that the facts were there, and it’s a specific way, so don’t think my move to this country will make any significant changes. He was so correct. Eight months later, I was moving again, third international move.

One thing I think humans need to realize is that most women are such emotional beings, and most men process things just with very little empathy. That was some of my observations, with him though I felt he never got it. I did not see it for what it was at that time. However, as I grew older, I realized there was so much more to learn. Life is challenging so was business the way he taught me, hard decisions and feedback often leads to better profits.

 That Bald head man was also there to remind me when I fell into an emotional roll a coaster that I need to see things for what they were. Even though he forewarns the console in his old way, he shared, “I did not grow you like that.” He was right. I was grown very street smart.  I understood boardroom and street business strategy and made a good income with all that foundational knowledge that took me across the world.

Let me say that there are many individuals with similar characters in each of our lives. They play significant roles that sometimes we would have no clue how to engage in our next steps. You don’t have to believe me, but stop for a second, think about all the special people who have come into your life that does not share your DNA, who would be without them today?


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