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Do not support confusion.


Today a friend shared a story, but has he explained more, and I realized the story was not new. Many of us were in long term relationships, and it just did not work for whatever reason, yet we continue to entertain the other person intimately sporadically. Why would you wish to do this? I agree; we are not perfect, but let us stop to ponder a second on this. 

A situation that was described to me by my friend was after his divorce; it was a done relationship, and when he went to look for his children, he would still make a playhouse. He later discovered that it created so much confusion and made the situation even more challenging within a co-parent setting.  That’s just one story. I did ask how he found a solution. He shared he had to stop the act of confusion immediately and how devastating it was for the female in that situation. 

We are not perfect; confusions remain evident and easily created. We have to keep reminding ourselves that hurt people hurt people. There is also the act of manipulation where some individuals wish that you sign up for a polygamous situation unwilling. You will have to read through the lines and decide who is more critical, your emotional wellbeing, or your five minutes pleasure. 

Confusions are often human created scenarios, and we can positively shift the narrative. When you hear and what you see is different, you know you should recognize a game. The other act of supporting confusion is when the path to planning steps is not clear, and then you should be able to see that this just physical nothing special. 

 Do not allow a confused person to waste your time twice. You will need to review all the details and make a decision that will enhance not take away from the great character you have. Make a conscious effort t not support confusion, when the writing is on the wall. Giving yourself to anyone who does not see your value will create even additional confusion and no aspect of clarity. 

My friend wanted to know my thoughts on this. It was very ironic when I said this is a real challenge that is not neutral to you only and gave him examples.  I shared later that the above as it relates to the confusion keeps recurring when each of us does not fix ourselves.  

I told him we all have similar stories. I believe there is a library of experience that is as easily accessible when you get confused about the next steps.  How do we create a resolution? Leave all confused persons where there at, if they meant to be part of your next journey, you would not be confused by it? Do you believe that? 


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