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The Elephant in the Room?


It’s awkward; I don’t want to talk about it. However, I do need to talk about it. I do need to know if this is something that is on a broader scale, or maybe it is just my nature to over-analyze. I am seeing it, and heard it mentioned briefly today by a friend.  I have seen that before, but it is not usually when you just met someone; it is more sometime later on that it appears. However, there is no specific timeline. 

What do you do?  Should you talk to your partner about it? Do you address it with the best communicative skillset possible? Yes, I think you should. Such a sensitive subject, yeah, I say that because I feel it’s not something widely discuss amongst most cultures, and why is that so? If you think there is no need to talk about it or pretend that it does not exist, then you are fooling yourself. 

Maybe I am not the one they wish to speak with about it?                                   

The appearance with some of us all is well, happy. Then we also deflect using other innuendoes for other areas in our life and others we encounter to show confidence. Great conversationalist sometimes your partners are, someone you could grow old with, but there remains a problem one that it looks like it will never get the address. 

They pretend like it does not exist. Well, it does exist based on Google reference, but I genuinely need to do more research.  It is called Sexual Dysfunction yup, and it is out there. Please share why do we not wish not to talk about it? 


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