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I struggle to describe the feeling when you know you are putting your best feet forward but still feel like you are not making much success. It is that feeling when you are caring more than you should but not knowing why the other person is not showing the same sentiments directly. You are smart, and you do have independence. You look great based on all standards, plus you are a decent human being. Then what’s missing? 

I don’t know. You retrospect, you call it love or like or whatever word that provides peace of mind, but you know you have “been played.” Welcome to the world of manipulative, calculating humans who wants to use people and not things. 

I have a word for them, “ZLiar.” It is mine, and yes, I intent on copyright. These persons will eventually either exit your contact list or if they remain to be stored then since Z is the last letter in the English alphabet. Yes, you will need to keep some of these contact because there are business and family ties associated, but if not forced, delete.  These people lie without a cause or simply just refuse to share anything close to the truth. 

Guess what? They even believe they are helping you too when you asked later about the lies. A close friend and I were speaking yesterday, and believe me when I share that young lady would not hurt a fly naturally. She waited five years, she played the role, the excuses came, and she gave it the benefit of the doubt. Too there was nothing out there to substantiate aspects of insecurity. 

Time came; she found out the truth. Detective work on Facebook, beautiful social media site. She inquired and confronted the excuses were lame, but still, she listened. Nah, don’t judge!  You will never understand until you walk a minute in someone else’s steps literally.  We learn later, but it does take some time. 

Zliar comes in many forms. They can be new or old encounters, and the new ones are even more challenging. These scenarios come with questions by many, including “why not step away?” I get it you feel that we are all made up the same, we all would not need to crumble to stand tall again. Sometimes they may be rebound scenarios too when you feel that you do need to be with or around someone. 

Which is not necessarily the best thing for you, and you know it in your soul; it is not. However, you want it. You crave it. Why should I not be around someone who seems to have material items and educational qualifications? You do deserve the best and more, but at what cost? The cost should be when you are ready. Ready to be your best self, remove the jokers from the game, play with the hands of Kings and secure your Queen like the game of chess.  Tell me about all the ZLiar you met?  


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