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My Prayer


I am saying a prayer for all the things that are turning inside my head. Sometimes I need them to slow down. I am sure we all have that experience, especially in this changing times. My prayers are simple, direct, and maybe too short. 

You see, I am not able to pray very long, and sometimes that makes me feel like I may be missing out, but I am sure there are religious scholar and spiritual leaders that will say otherwise. The truth is, I often pray more during anxiety, aspects of sadness, and yes, lesser when I am thankful. 

Now I am not here to share how and when one should pray. I am also not here to say how your religion, faith, and denomination should impact your life, but we all have our testimony. When I feel like it’s a struggle mentally and emotionally, that whisper of a prayer provides such a remarkable relief.  It’s the unspoken therapy that is left off often throughout our busy schedule, especially if you are not a part of a specific religion. 

One thing is clear: we all pray most times in some capacity. I do believe that my prayer will continue to keep me grounded. I pray that the year 2020 will end with more exceptional promise for the future for all reading. I pray that I will find everlasting love and build a more fabulous family. I pray for health and strength, and last but not least that we all will be able to impact our community positively. 


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