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Remove all your Expectations or Limit it?


How do you not have any expectations I often wondered? I am trying to work on limiting that desire. I now believe that this is what causes so much confusion, anxiety, and painful emotions that has humans we battle when wants are not satisfied.

There are many reasons why you do not want to put yourself out there with expectations. The primary reason we see, there remains many people and things that are facades. Is this the time that you will call me cynical? Yes, maybe? But nooo, I stay positive and optimistic with that perspective, despite your belief, of course. Let’s agree to disagree.

It’s hard not expect, don’t think this is a perfect science. You see, my brother is one of the most prominent initiators of working on this and ensuring that this is a part of daily life. His feedback is that you will not be surprised when people or things change. Is that a way to live? I don’t know, but has long has I could remember, I have seen my brother pursuing faith and family.  It is often tied to be very optimistic and positive.

I have also seen looking from the outside and conversing that he seems not to care much when something or someone or something does not deliver. Minimal attachment displayed. He shared it’s because he removed or limited the expectations from anything he does, which seems quite the opposite of the character I described above.

I remain puzzled at his response to expectations and wish I was at that point. Is it with time when you get there or experiences? I believe it is maybe a mixture of both. I am wondering if you can numb yourself to living all your adventures without expectations, it would be genuinely removing that sense to feel.  Maybe this will make the transition of not been bothered smother.  What are your thoughts?

I have observed that the reactions I have to things I am emotionally attached to is deep.  When they disappear, these emotions are so strong and consuming than when I have no real connections.  It just another day when I remove that “attachment” feeling, easy come, easy go.  I do question this, are we just trying to evade disappointment when we remove attachment? Can this ever be possible, or should we just not show the emotions that go with regret? Wow, I have a lot of work to do because it’s written all over my face; share your thoughts?


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