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A Leopard Never Changes his Spot


I often heard this statement while growing up “A Leopard Never Changes his Spot,” and it was associated with one’s character. While I do not profess to be an expert of substantive research on the parallel of one’s personality to that of a leopards spot, we will begin this discussion with the facts we see.

First, I am fully aware of someone sharing what a great character should, which will base on their perspective, social norms, and culture. What that verbal and written outcome of your style may look like if we allow others to be the only judge, jury, and executioner is quite intriguing.  It is especially so if our value system differs and how we were socialized.

You see, I value loyalty more than anything else. I believe in that allegiance, that’s my perspective. What I do and how I support that value of commitment will bring someone to the point of questioning my character.  I believe you should be there for me as I would for you, simply.  Yes, ask it? Of course, you would because with every strong trait, and you take a side that comes with good and evil. It is just our world today.

What if something happened in my life and gave me a new profound overview?  Let us say loyalty no longer remains top of my tier, and I shift attitude, behaviors, and my endeavors, etc. It is rightfully would be aligned to whom I have now become; does that mean I was never loyal or value loyalty?

Does this mean a rat, a snake, all those reptile and mammal definition is who I am? Is it fair to say that I was always disloyal, the mask just felt off? Yeah, more questions than answers because people it’s indeed based on your perspective. Also, experience is a valuable teacher, too, in this equation.

While I can support both sides of this discussion, a leopard never changes his spot, and it’s more how we view changes, a necessity some say. One response was is that we are all opportunists built-in with aspect of hypocrisy.  We go with what makes our life more comfortable, and we are selfish for being more often than not. Again, if we are to stay true to the narrative, maybe we were always selfish, it just found the time to come out. We do rarely shift aspects of who we are, especially when we remain searching in our minds/never satisfied; we know our default setting.

I think the proverb, a “leopard never changes his spot,” is often precise. If your distinctive trait is loyalty, then not very much of that will change; that’s how your mental and moral code is structured. It means the person who rode with you on the bus would be by your side in the limousine. We believe in loyalty often to some of us detriment. There are people out there who hide their spots very well since they were never your supporter.

Tell me, what’s your experience of the mask falling off? How many leopards have you met?


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