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Live or Keep Moving but don’t Waste Time


Have you ever wondered what is happening in the minds of people? They frequently give you these stares or maybe an evasive response when you say something provocative as if you just commit a huge mistake.  I asked this question because when you get that feeling of missing them when they are gone and excited when they come around, you know its hitting that emotional area. 

The issue is you may be the only one that is feeling that. You will try your best to manage this, but sometimes the energy is beyond a script.  Why are so many people alive but not living? Everyone is concerned about protecting what they truly feel, because of ego or just plain scared to be vulnerable.  

Why do you want to go through a journey with your feet off the ground and eyes close makes almost no sense to me, but who am I to judge.  It is like telling yourself from the start that you will fail without even giving it a solid try. I agree; people these days are not what they seem, but how are you going to experience what’s current in the world of love, partnership, relationship when you set your walls so high no one can climb them. 

I do believe strongly in not allowing anyone to waste your time. Time spent is not time you can regain. I know, you may say I am not patient, and I agree, I may not be a star pupil of this virtue, but when do you just say enough.  

If you are genuinely not ready to live and create a new memory, then stay away from others who have so much to give. We already have enough persons out there that are scar, fill with baggage, and tainted by socialization. Let us try to commit to taking simple action; get off the selfish train of ” always neutral,” be very specific in your ask of humans, and never try to lead anyone on if all your needs are physical, not emotional. Do you think these are too much to ask?  What will it take to make us live and not just be present in this world? 


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